Seasonal Protocols

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*Winter Protocol*

I don’t recommend a high potency synthetic supplement very often but during the winter and especially during the Holiday Season, with all the stress involved and the amount of foods and types of foods consumed during these times, I feel it can be warranted.

My recommendations:

A supplement called Mega One.

I like this high potency vitamin and mineral supplement because of the high B complex it provides. It has a good balance of minerals needed, I like that it has iodine and selenium to aid in thyroid hormone production. It has some betaine HCL for aid in the breakdown and absorption of the supplements, this is especially important for certain vitamins and minerals. It also has some antioxidants in this formula.

Take one to two per day in divided doses.


Also add Congaplex from Standard Process. This is a whole food supplement that helps to support the immune system.

Take 3 capsules per meal.


For additional support during the stressful Holidays I recommend adding Drenamin form Standard Process. This is a whole food supplement that supports the adrenal glands and is very beneficial during times of stress.

Take 3 tablets per meal.

**For my rotation recommendation of good fats/oils and good probiotics:

Cod Liver Oil

I like the cod liver oil from Standard Process for the winter protocol because it is not only a good oil but it contains vitamin D which is needed more in the winter because we don’t have the sun exposure to our skin like we do in the summer, allowing our body to produce what is needed.

Take 3 capsules per day.


ProSynbiotic is a probiotic that also has with it food for the bacteria to eat so they can flourish. As mentioned before I think you should vary the types of bacteria that you replenish in the gut. It has been shown the more different good strains of good bacteria in your gut the healthier you will probably be. So this is my recommendation but if you have a good probiotic to switch to or if you are consuming adequate amounts of fermented foods you can stay with you protocol.

**For those that can’t swallow pills or those with children, I have started using a Liquid vitamin.

Organic Life Vitamins

Organic Life Vitamins is from Natural Vitality (The same company that created CALM) It is an excellent alternative to capsules and tablets for children and adults that can’t swallow pills.

I recommend getting the chewable Congaplex to go with this for the winter. Eating fermented foods will be the best option for those that can’t swallow a probiotic capsule or for several of the probiotic capsules we have our patients open the capsule and pour the contents on food or add to a smoothie or protein shake.

Echinacea Premium

For additional Herbal support for the immune system I recommend adding Echinacea Premium. This is a great long term immune system support product from the great company MediHerb.


These are recommendation I make to a lot of my patients at Beyers Chiropractic and Stealth Wellness Members but remember you should always talk to your healthcare provider about the addition of new supplements or medications. Possible Interactions need to be discussed, so modifications can be done if needed.


*Summer Protocol*